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Hoover Leadman

Registration: 18209623

NAAB Code: 011AN01260

Connealy Commander X TC Friction 5130

Breed: Angus
Birth: 1/16/2015

-He is long bodied and extremely thick made
-Adds great disposition to the list
-His dam is one of the top indexing cows in the Hoover herd
Connealy Commander
Connealy Consensus
Gespa of Conanga 9380
KMK Alliance 6595 I87
Blinda Of Conanga 004
Rito 6EMA of 4L3 Emblazon
Gossipa of Conanga 787
Blkcp Empress Ellston G403
TC Friction 5130
Blkcp Empress Ellston D515
TC Friction 3275
TC Barbara 3022
TC Gridiron 258
Blkcp Empress Ellston A648